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Underwater boob fail - updated: 2015.12.12
Only at home I realized that my friend had a nipple out of the bikini bra. We where on holidays at the Maldive (from:Gregor) - updated: 2015.11.22
I had no idea her nipple was out until I saw her climb out of the pool (from:Kaboom) - updated: 2015.06.07
I had to test my go-pro camera underwater in the pool - updated: 2013.10.27
I love my waterproof don't imagine how many downblouse underwater - updated: 2013.03.03
This is my sister...I was checking my new underwater camera and... - updated: 2012.06.09
I'm still trying to detect which kind of fish I photographed with my water proof camera.....oopsfish maybe? :) - updated: 2008.01.30
the second part.... - updated: 2008.01.30
Sharm El Sheik (Egypt). Something went wrong with her bra whil diving in the Red Sea....hopefully I had my camera with me. - updated: 2008.01.30
I took these nipple pictures last summer with an underwater camera in a public pool. It's incredible how often nipples slip out of bras when swimming, but is really difficult to take such pictures. - updated: 2008.01.27

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